Company Overview



Major Production Item

Medical devices (Filler geller, Repocket, StemX, TP101, Misko, Misju)


38 employees / 10 (Ph.D.: 3, M.S.: 3, B.S.: 4 )

R&D Field

Medical devices, stem cells, ECM, DDS, filler, Botox, etc.

Key Facilities

Research Facility(695㎡) +Factory(661㎡)

Experimental space | Cell culture room

Subsidiary company : Ideaclone

Container production

Company History

* R&D, source patents, production infrastructure, stable growth through superior customer networks
  • 2010.04 Expansion of KGMP Facilities and Bio-Lab Facilities in Gayang Branch
  • 2010.05 Establishment of Medikan, China Branch (Sungdo Medikan)
  • 2011.07 National sales of technology patents for cosmetic surgery and beauty openings
  • 2011.07 Manufacturing Item Authorization by the KFDA MIS (grade 4)
  • 2011.11 Seoul Strategy Industry Fourth Generation Stem Cell Automatic Extractor development supervision (4 years/4 billion KRW)
  • 2013.02 Thailand MIS Seal (TFDA)
  • 2013 Related to local Stem Cell Extraction Culture System, more than 10 domestic and foreign patent applications
  • 2016.10 Japan Welfare Certification CPC Accreditation
  • 2016.11 Nobel Prize winner Bruce Beutlei^s Company Visit
  • 2017.08 Stem Cell Separator Stem-X Sales Start
  • 2018.01 Developed High-Purity fillers
  • 2018.08 Botox strain development completed
  • 2018.09 365MC Hospital and ECM Business Discussion
  • 2018.09 $1 million a year in contract with a Japanese company to supply syringe and equipment
  • 2019.07 Filler, ECM Item Permits in Korea
  • 2019.07 Evaluation of Neurology Technology for Degenerative arthritis Treatment
  • 2019.07 Development of Freeze Dryer for ECM Project Completed
  • 2020.03 Completion of the Second GMP Plant
  • 2020.04 Developing a new method of cell culture
  • 2002.08 Manufacturing Item Authorization by the Korea FDA Easy-One
  • 2004.06 Korea FDA manufacturing item approval Lipokit
  • 2004.10 ISO 13485 Accreditation
  • 2006.01 Establishment of Medikan Corporate Biomedical Research Institute
  • 2006.07 Japan Biomaster Signs Lipokit Sales Agreement
  • 2006.11 Stem Cell Separator Development Completed
  • 2007.09 Hanyang University Industrial-Academic Cooperation Group Technology Development Task Agreement
  • 2007.12 Established the U.S. branch of Medikan Co.,Ltd.(MU/MI)
  • 2008.03 China Product Supply Agreement (Giomed)
  • 2008.10 Medikan Co., Ltd. Purchase of Gayang Branch (827㎡)
  • 2009.04 Lipokit FDA approval
  • 1996.05 Starting Remodeling of Motor Vehicles Using FRP
  • 1996.10 Patent application for vibration-free rotary engine
  • 1996.11 Multiple medical device patent applications
  • 2001.06 Establishment of Medikan Co., Ltd.



Korean Science Award Commendation

Award for Excellence in the Health Industry Technology Competition

Award for Excellence in the Health Industry Technology Competition

Certificate of Merit for Health and Technology

Minister of Trade,Industry and Energy Award for Commendation
- Acquiring patents related to local stem cell culture and cell therapy technology and recognizing export merit

Major performance of CEO

  • Treatment of congenital heart disease with hundreds of direct injections of stem cells
  • Developed the world's first fat grinding treatment technique
  • Development of non-intersectional molding technique using lifting chamber for the first time
  • Developed the world's first stem cell separator
  • Development of the world's first high purity filler
  • World's first developed patent registration for ECM isolation method
  • Has over 300 patents

  • Chairman of the Korean Society for Stem Cell Treatment
  • A Professor at Youngnam University
  • Director owner of Gangnam plastic surgery

Medikan Technology Holdings Status

HISTORY : Since 2000, a technology-intensive body based on a variety of product launches, experiences and research.

Stem cell culture kit
- Stem Cell Cultivation Treatment Kit (2.5 million KRW expected / 6 months used)
- 1 Incubation kit per person (a goal of 200,000 KRW per month)
- Establishment of a low-cost entrusted culture hub

- Use of one’s fat and waste fat
- Development of medical materials (collagen, elastin, etc.)
- Explosive growth of local tissue processing business / ECM filler market
- Cell storage – rapid response to infectious diseases, such as corona 19, etc.

Regressive arthritis treatment
- stem cell therapy by extracting fat
- Registration of new technology in progress
- Treat at a lower cost than cell therapy

Medical equipment, plastic surgery
- equipment necessary for extracting and cultivating stem cellsMisko, Misju
- stem cell cosmetics
- BoTox, Filler

Two areas of technology : ① stem cell therapy and culture/ ② ECM

5. Equipment business

  • The only medical equipment in the world to be developed “all necessary medical equipment from stem cell extraction to culture”
  • The largest beneficiary of the Advanced Renewable Bio Act (Enforced on August 28, 2020)
  • Anticipating explosive demand in Korea as a precedent applied by 6,700 hospitals and culture centers after passing the Advanced Rehabilitation Medical Law in Japan

Stem cell extraction and culture equipment

H/W, S/W in batches through full-course systemization

Extraction Cultivation
Enzyme reaction
Stem cell automatic separation
Cell freezing system
Frozen cell storage device
automatic culture collection system


Celltibator GT


Celltibator Breath,

Shaking Hybrid

Cryo Hybrid


“① Mass autocultivation is possible”
“② Minimize professional staff”
“③ Promotion of Cultivation Success Rate”