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All-In-One fat grafting system.


Product Description

・Fatdori is an all-in-one system that allows you to perform all steps of fat transplantation in a one-stop manner. Fatdori enables smooth and efficient fat transplantation with its centrifugation function, pneumatic devices for fat suction and injection, along with all the necessary accessories for fat control.

・In Fatdori, the fat that is suctioned undergoes all the processes from suction to transplantation within a single syringe, without the need for transferring between containers. This ensures a safe, clean, and convenient surgical procedure. Moreover, thanks to the specialized functionality of the dedicated TP-101 (FPU), the post-transplant survival rate is significantly higher compared to conventional centrifugation methods.

・ By utilizing the features of Fatdori, it is possible to obtain highly pure fat for stem cell extraction and ECM (Extracellular Matrix) production. The system also allows for the separation of PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma), expanding its utility beyond the scope of fat transplantation. The versatility of Fatdori is continually expanding, opening up new possibilities in the field of fat grafting.


Guarantees excellent safety against air contamination, etc. by adopting a closed system.
Quick and easy suction to injection without the need for any additional equipment.
Saves time and effort through one-stop operation performed without changing the fat container
TP-101 (FPU)
Special syringe for Fatdori that enables obtaining pure and healthy fat

In what ways does Fatdori differ from other fat grafting systems?

Conventional Systems
Compared to conventional products, increased old fat cell destruction by 30%
Rarely possible
The FPU syringe assists complete separation and easy removal.
Free Oil Separtion
Almost inseparable Separation is difficult and cumbersome.
Using the built-in pneumatic device, it can be injucted quickly and easily.
Tumescent Injection
Injected with a separate syringe
An-all-in-one device with a built-in suction function
A separate equipment is needed.
High-quality fat with high purity Significant difference in post-transplant survival rate
Fat Quality
Lower purity

Principal Parts

Fatdori Principal Parts

Openable and closable door used during centrifugation

2Power Cable

Cable that supplies power to the main body
(Universal component, part number: SP-105)

3Control Panel

Control panel for operating and controlling the device

4Air Hose

Hose that connects the main body and the cleaning spray

5Pressure Regulator

Regulator for adjusting the intensity of spray and suction of the cleaning solution

6Foot Switch (1)

Operation switch for suction of cleaning solution through the air hose

7Foot Switch (2)

Operation switch for injecting washing solution through the air hose


Product Name
Maximum speed
5000 r/min
Maximum RCF
Dimensions (L x W x H)
460 x 540 x 340 mm
Packing size (L x W x H)
550 x 63 x 430 mm
Time setting
1 minute to 99 minutes
Power supply
AC220V 50Hz 10A
Maximum capacity
15 ml x 32
Speed accuracy
±30 r/min
Net weight
45 kg
Positive pressure
1.2 bar (pressure adjustable)
Negative pressure
740 mmHg (pressure adjustable)
Power consumption
Operating temperature
0 ℃ to 50 ℃


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