Bio Revolution of


M.D. & Ph.D. Lee, Hee Young

Major Products

Storage Box P (Celltibator GTX), Fatdori, TP-101 (FPU), Misko, Misju, Stem-X, etc.

R&D Field

Medical devices, stem cells, ECM, DDS, filler, Botulinum toxin, etc.
Key Facilities

Key Facilities

Subsidiary Company : Ideaclone
Research Facility (695㎡) & Factory (661㎡)
Experimental space
Experimental space
Cell culture room
Cell culture room
Container production
Container production

Company History

R&D, source patents, production infrastructure, stable growth through superior customer networks

APR. Development of a new method of cell culture

MAR. Completion of the second GMP plant


JUN. Acquisition of certificate for dermal filler, ECM item in Korea

JUN. Evaluation of neurology technology for degenerative arthritis treatment

JUN. Development of freeze dryer for ECM project


SEP. Contract with CellSource Japan to supply syringe and equipment ($1 million in a year)

SEP. ECM business with 365MC hospital in Korea

AUG. Development of Botulinum toxin strain

JAN. Developed High-Purity Fillers


AUG. Started sales of Stem-X (stem cell extraction machine)


NOV. Nobel Prize winner Bruce Beutler visited Medikan Co., Ltd.

OCT. Japan Welfare Certification CPC Accreditation


Applied more than 10 domestic and foreign patents related to Medikan's Stem Cell Extraction and Culture System

FEB. TFDA approval for Thailand MIS Seal


M.D & Ph.D, Lee, Hee Young
M.D & Ph.D. Lee, Hee Young

Korean Science Award Commendation


Award for Excellence in the Health Industry Technology Competition


Award for Excellence in the Health Industry Technology Competition


Certificate of Merit for Health and Technology


Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Award for Commendation

Acquiring patents related to local stem cell culture and cell therapy technology and recognizing export merit

Major Achievements of CEO


Treatment of congenital heart disease with hundreds of direct injections of stem cells

Developed the world's first fat grinding treatment technique

Development of non-intersectional molding technique using lifting chamber for the first time

Developed the world's first stem cell separator

Development of the world's first high purity filler

World's first developed patent registration for ECM isolation method

Has over 300 patents


Chairman of the Korean Society for Stem Cell Treatment

A Professor at Youngnam University

Director owner of Gangnam plastic surgery

Medikan Technology Holdings Status

Since 2000, a technology-intensive body based on a variety of product launches, experiences and research.
Stem Cell Culture Kit
Stem Cell Culture Kit

Stem Cell Cultivation Treatment Kit
(2.5 million KRW expected / 6 months used)

1 Incubation kit per person
(a goal of 200,000 KRW per month)

Establishment of a low-cost entrusted culture hub


Use of one’s fat and waste fat

Development of medical materials
(collagen, elastin, etc.)

Explosive growth of local tissue processing business / ECM filler market

Cell storage – rapid response to infectious diseases, such as corona 19, etc.

Regressive Arthritis Treatment
Regressive Arthritis Treatment

stem cell therapy by extracting fat

Registration of new technology in progress

Treat at a lower cost than cell therapy

Medical Equipment & Plastic Surgery
Medical Equipment & Plastic Surgery

equipment necessary for extracting and cultivating stem cells

Misko, Misju

stem cell cosmetics

Botulinum toxin, dermal filler

13 Revolutions of Medikan Culture (LISS™)

All in one system for stem cell culture
The equipment from Medikan is an All-in-One device that can perform multiple processes in a single unit.

Example 1 Stem-X: Separation of SVF from fat, reprocessing, washing, tissue homogenization, etc.

Example 2 Stem-XE: SVF separation, washing, SVF culture.

Example 3 Stem-XE mini: SVF separation, washing.

Example 4 SBP (under development): Cell culture, cell observation, medium replacement, medium circulation, cell dispersion, etc.

Class 0 culture
We culture in an environment with zero contamination using a completely sealed system. We have effectively prevented any contamination that may occur during the culture process.
Examples include S-kit™, Gigakit™, Top-cell™, etc.
"Passage 0" continuous culture
Continuous infinite culture is achievable through the non-passaging culture method.
Xeno-free culture
We culture exclusively using autologous components, employing our proprietary nano dispersion technology, without the use of heterologous substances such as FBS (fetal bovine serum).
Enzyme-free culture
We separate cells from various tissues and culture them using natural methods, without the use of chemical treatments such as enzymes.
Expandable scaffolds culture
This is a culture method in which the culture area is gradually expanded, and we possess the patent for this culture technique.
2.9D culture
We have developed a culture technique utilizing patented culture films, enabling a culture approach that moves beyond flat culture and achieves a 2.9D culture environment closer to three-dimensional conditions. This innovation allows for efficient culture even in limited areas.
Media recycling culture
By replenishing deficient components and removing unnecessary ones from the used culture medium, it becomes possible to recycle the medium. This innovative approach significantly reduces the cost of culture medium, which constitutes the highest expense in the culture process.
Adaptive micro-environment culture
We have established an environment in vitro under restricted conditions where cells can effectively proliferate. This culture system harnesses the characteristics of cells programmed to eliminate damaged cells (apoptosis). Cells that have undergone apoptosis due to external stimuli are recycled as nutrients to support other cells, creating a small ecosystem within the culture system.
Automatic pH optimization
By incorporating a pH monitoring system, it is possible to continuously monitor the pH of the culture medium without the use of phenol red indicator.
DNA preserving & transfecting culture
By introducing autologous DNA fragments into cells during the cell culture process, it is possible to prevent the aging of stem cells and apply this technique to treat genetic disorders that arise from genetic abnormalities.
Automatic media exchange
The automation of medium replacement in the culture process enhances user convenience and reduces the risk of contamination (under development).
Automatic exosome purification & concentration
Through the use of a culture medium circulation device (MyStem deluxe), it is possible to purify and concentrate exosomes within stem cell culture medium. The supernatant derived from autologous stem cell culture can be utilized for various applications, such as cosmetics.


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