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A stem cell extraction and culturing device that allows real-time observation.


Product Description

STEM-XE is an advanced equipment designed for automated stem cell extraction and culture.

This system not only enables efficient separation of stem cells but also allows for continuous cultivation in the same isolated state, minimizing cell damage.

Cell separation and cultivation take place in a closed environment, and the system is equipped with a high-magnification imaging device that enables real-time observation of cell conditions.


Efficient Stem Cell Extraction and Culture
STEM-XE system allows for highly efficient extraction of stem cells from small tissue samples. It eliminates the need for cell movement during the process, reducing the risk of stress and contamination. This streamlined approach improves the overall efficiency of stem cell extraction and culture, enabling the production of large quantities of cells for various applications.
Clean and Controlled Culture Environment
With the dedicated Inner Chamber and perfect closed culture environment, STEM-XE provides a pristine setting for cell growth. The sealed chamber ensures that the cultured cells are protected from external contaminants, maintaining the integrity and purity of the cell culture. This controlled environment plays a crucial role in optimizing cell growth and maintaining the desired characteristics of the stem cells.
Stem Cell Isolation & Closed Culture Device
STEM-XE system allows for the efficient isolation of stem cells from various tissues. It eliminates the need for dedicated facilities or specialized personnel, making it accessible and convenient for medical professionals. The closed culture feature ensures a controlled environment for optimal cell growth and protection against contamination.
Real-Time Observation of Cultured Cells
STEM-XE is equipped with an incubation device that enables real-time observation of cells within the closed system. A high-magnification close-up camera built into the chamber allows users to directly monitor cell behavior and changes. This feature provides valuable insights into the growth and development of cultured cells.

Principal Parts

STEM-XE  Principal Parts
1Chamber Door

Locking device chamber door


Monitor to check inside during centrifugation and stirring

3Power Switch

Device power on and off switch

4Temperature Controller

Chamber internal temperature control and temperature display function

5Tablet PC

Includes cell observation and remote-control functions

6Select Switch

Operation selection switch

7LED Bar

White LED light

8Control Unit

Control panel for operating and controlling the machine


Product Name
Dimensions (W x L x H)
520 x 420 x 610 ㎜
35 kg
Rated power
AC 110V, 220V / 50-60Hz
Power consumption
400W, 2000 RPM
Temperature setting
0 ℃ to 45 ℃ ± 0.5 ℃
Operating time
Fully automated process; 50 minutes (user changeable)
LCD 7 inches
Monitoring system
Real-time observation during operation
High-magnification cell observation (top and bottom focusing possible)
Remote controller
Wireless remote operation possible


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